Angels, Demons & Deliverance SERIES [MP3 DISC]


In this exciting, in-depth series, Dr. Brown expounds on the biblical truths regarding Angels, Demons & Deliverance. These messages will better equip you as a believer in understanding this critical subject matter, including:

1) The Realm of the Spirit
2) The Dark Side
3) Revelation and Deception
4) How Demons Infiltrate
5) Believers & Demon Possession
6) Deliverance - What is it?
7) Do I Need Deliverance?
8) The End of the World

Please note: These tracks were originally recorded a number of years ago, back before key advancements in audio technology.  Due to the invaluable and timeless nature of this series, we have enhanced the quality as best as we can. However, please be advised that vintage audio remains on a different level than recordings of today, and may require more careful listening at some points. Thank you for your understanding.

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