Prophets and Prophetic Ministry SERIES [MP3 Audio]

Prophets and Prophetic Ministry SERIES [MP3 Audio]


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As a biblical scholar Dr. Brown dives into the Old and New Testaments and explains the true role of the prophetic ministry.

This series will significantly impact your life and perspective on the subject of the prophetic.

This Audio Teaching Series Includes:

1) Introduction to the Prophetic Ministry
2) Recipient of Revelation
3) Predictor and Reprover
4) Called, Commissioned, & Compelled
5) The Burden of the Prophet
6) The Power of Prophetic Words
7) False Prophecy
8) Evaluating the Prophetic Word
9) Purposes of Prophetic NT Prophecy
10) Personal Prophecy
11) Three-Fold Vision (1)
12) Three-Fold Vision (2)


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