Donald Trump Is NOT My Savior (imperfect)

Donald Trump Is NOT My Savior (imperfect)

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How could so many evangelicals who rejected Bill Clinton because of his immorality support President Donald Trump, a thrice-married, serial adulterer?!

When it comes to evangelicals and Donald Trump, is this a match made in Heaven OR a marriage with Hell?

Addressing this serious dilemma head-on is the aim of Dr. Brown’s book: Donald Trump Is Not My Savior: An Evangelical Leader Speaks His Mind About the Man He Supports as President.

Dr. Brown was an outspoken Trump skeptic-turned-(reluctant)-supporter of the President. Now, he wants to help the evangelical community appropriately balance out the good and the bad in the current Commander in Chief.


Undeniably, one of the most polarizing figures in American history, Donald Trump is constantly confounding the masses. He wars against “fake news” while creating his own media with “Tweets” that can provoke national dissension and confront unstable foreign relations.

With one hand, he’s bringing healing; with the other, it looks like he is hurting.

As an evangelical leader, Dr. Brown steps into the madness to help bring clarity. Even now, many Christians are wondering how to Biblically and morally respond to a Trump Presidency. While some hail Trump as “Savior-in-Chief,” whose every word and action is to be commended; others utterly and completely reject him.


Presented with balanced social commentary, theological integrity, and a passion to see America fulfill divine destiny, Dr. Brown demonstrates how to:

· Celebrate the good and reject the bad when it comes to the president’s actions and decisions

· Support a (flawed) president with wisdom while maintaining allegiance to Jesus above all else

· Recognize the movement of God that’s present in the Trump presidency


Whether you are a Trump enthusiast, or you cringe every time you read the headlines, Dr. Michael Brown will spiritually help you navigate the tumultuous waters of the uncertain social and political landscape.


Bringing clarity and wisdom to the seeming paradoxical nature of the Donald Trump presidency.  

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