Grafted In: The Jewish Roots of Christianity [3 DVD SET!]

Grafted In: The Jewish Roots of Christianity [3 DVD SET!]


Dr. Michael Brown and Dr.Jeffrey Seif* present the Jewish Roots of Christianity.

Disc One
Rabbi Yeshua and the Jewish Roots of the Faith - Dr. Brown
The Consequences of Replacement Theology - Dr. Brown

Disc Two
Israel's Salvation Will Be Life From the Dead - Dr. Brown
Current Events in Israel - Dr. Seif*

Disc Three
Prophetic Significance of Israel in the End Times - Dr. Seif*

 *Dr. Seif is Zola’s successor at the teaching helm of Zola Levitt Ministries and is the ministry’s principal spokesperson. He is teaching on television, writing books and articles, and ministering in churches across America.

Jeff has a master’s degree and doctorate from Southern Methodist University, Dallas. He has been a Bible college professor for the last seventeen years, teaching over 400 students each semester. He has also been a pastor with at least four churches spanning over twenty years.

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