DEBATE: The Deity of Messiah: Son of God or Chosen Man? [DVD]

DEBATE: The Deity of Messiah: Son of God or Chosen Man? [DVD]


The nature of God is a complex topic that has been hotly debated in Jewish and Christian theology for centuries. At the heart of this age-old debate is the identity of Yeshua (Jesus). Is Yeshua divine - God come in the flesh - or is He simply a created being who was designated the Son of God?

The doctrine of the Trinity, or more accurately, "Tri-unity", teaches that God is one - He is a pllurality within a unity - revealed to us in the Scriptures as Father, Son, and Spirit.

Jonathan Bernis moderates a powerful debate between four biblical scholars - two Trinitarians who argue for the triune nature of God and the deity of the Messiah as foundational truths essential to biblical faith, versus two non-Trinitarians who argue that the Trinity has grown from historical church tradition, rather than from biblical roots, and that the Messiah, although the unique Son of God, is not himself a preexistent, divine being.

Debate panelists: Dr. Michael L Brown, Dr. James White, Sir Anthony Buzzard, Joseph Good

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