A Time For Holy Fire - Preparing the Way for Divine Visitation


Are you fed up with Christianity as you know it? Does your heart long for something more? Have you had it with the same old religious cycle? Then this book is for you. Revival is our only hope—yet there is hope for revival!

America is broken, the Church has not risen to the occasion, and this generation hangs in the balance. And rather than the Church changing the world, the world has changed the Church. There is no political solution for the problems of the hour, nor can any man-made “Christian” antidote provide the cure. We must have a visitation, and there are signs that a massive visitation is drawing near.

But do we know what visitation really means? Are we looking for the Lord to simply add greater blessing to our plans and programs? Do we think of revival merely as the means through which our churches will grow and our ministries will prosper? Do we realize that revival means upheaval? Do we understand that visitation comes with radical consequences? Do we fathom just how deeply the Spirit moves in times of national awakening? America could be be on the verge of the greatest revival our nation has ever seen. Are we ready?

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