Answering Jewish Objections To Jesus - Vol. 5


"We have an unbroken chain of tradition going back to Moses. Who are you to teach us?"

"It is impossible to understand the Written Torah without the Oral Torah."

"Our traditions are totally sufficient. We don't need your Jesus."

In the fifth and final volume of this highly-acclaimed series, Dr. Brown provides a comprehensive refutation of the traditional Jewish concept that there is a binding, authoritative Oral Law going back to Moses. While showing great respect for his people's traditions, Brown dispels the idea that only traditional Jews can rightly understand the Hebrew Scriptures. He demonstrates that the written Word alone carries absolute authority, and when there is a conflict between the Bible and tradition, Jews are called to follow the Bible. This study will revolutionize the lives of both Jewish and Christian readers.

Get answers to misguided accusations and objections like...

  • "We have an unbroken, authoritative chain of oral tradition going back to Moses. Who are you to teach us what our Bible says?"
  • "On several occasions, the Written Torah makes reference to 'Torahs' in the plural, meaning two Torahs. This obviously refers to the Written and Oral Torahs."
  • "The Torah (along with the rest of the Hebrew Bible) is unintelligible without the rabbinic traditions."
  • "According to Deuteronomy 17:8-13, the rabbis have the sole authority to interpret the Law and to tell us how to live. Whoever refuses to listen to them is guilty of a serious sin in the sight of God."
  • "We have an eternal covenant that was given at Mount Sinai, and anyone who tells us to deviate from that covenant is either a false prophet, a false teacher, or both."
  • "Various passages in the Tanakh demonstrate that biblical figures such as Daniel followed the rabbinic traditions."
  • "Modern computer studies have demonstrated that the Torah and the Oral Law are divinely inspired."
  • "Our tradition is totally self-sufficient-our prayer books, our commentaries, our law codes, our customs. We don't need your Jesus."
  • "Judaism is anything but a dead religion. It has inspired and preserved millions of our people for thousands of years."
  • "According to Deuteronomy 30:11-14, it is not difficult to keep the Torah, which is God's special gift to Israel. This is completely contrary to the Christian view that sees the Law as an impossible-to-observe burden and as a curse."
  • "The only identifiable Jews today are those whose parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents rejected Christianity (or secularism). Only those who were traditional Jews have survived as a people."
  • "Judaism is a unique religion. Of all the religions of the world, only Judaism began with a public revelation witnessed by the entire nation. No one and nothing can alter that fact or change the substance of that revelation."
  • "Judaism is a rational, reasonable religion. It says, 'Use your mind,' not, 'Shut off your mind.'"
  • "Anything good in the New Testament can already be found in Rabbinic Judaism; anything new in the New Testament is not good."
  • "Jesus himself taught in Matthew 23 that his Jewish followers were to submit to the teachers of the Law and the Pharisees- in other words, to follow the Oral Law."
  • "Traditional Jews are the people of the Book. Read the Hebrew Scriptures and ask yourself, 'Who follows these laws and commandments?' Traditional Jews."
  • "According to Psalm 19, the Torah is able to save and convert the soul."
  • "You can have your Jesus. I'll keep my Judaism. You have nothing I need or want."

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