Job: The Faith to Challenge God - NEW Translation and Commentary


Job: The Faith to Challenge God - A New Translation and Commentary (Hardcover)

Dr. R. T. Kendall wrote, "Dr. Michael Brown's commentary on Job is immensely learned, very readable, and will find its place alongside the best commentaries on Job ever written."

And Dr. Michael Heiser said, "There's something for everyone here -scholar, pastor, and lay Bible student alike."


From Dr. Michael Brown:

My goal in producing this work was that every interested student of Job would discover the extraordinary riches of this holy book.

First, I provide all the necessary background information in the Introduction.

Then, we cover every verse in the book, opening up the meaning of the Hebrew and exploring the incredible spiritual depths of each chapter. What an amazing book!

And at the publisher's request, I produced a brand new translation of Job, which was like nothing else I've ever done before. It felt like climbing the world's tallest mountain, only to see it was the first of a massive range of mountains. As I said, what an amazing book!

But there's more than just the commentary.

I also wrote a series of theological reflections, covering subjects like:
* Job and the Problem of Suffering
* Challenging God as an Act of Faith
* The Chaos Monsters of Job
* Job and the New Atheists
* Job and Jesus

In addition to this, for those who really want to dig deep into the Hebrew, I wrote a series of essays on some of the most important verses in Job, including Job 13:15 and Job 19:25-27. There really is something for everyone in this beautifully produced, 450-page, hardcover volume.

I am profoundly grateful to God for allowing me the privilege of working on this incredible book of the Bible for so many years, and it is my honor to share the fruits of that labor with each of you today.

May the God of Job be mightily glorified as you read, and may the faith of Job come alive in your heart!

-- Dr. Michael Brown

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