Not Afraid of the Antichrist (PLUS FREE interview)

Not Afraid of the Antichrist (PLUS FREE interview)


What if everybody was left behind?

Despite the popular theology of our day, Christians should not expect to get out of experiencing the tribulation or the end times.

Nowhere in the Bible does the Lord promise us this. (Jesus actually promises us tribulation in this world.)

Yet this is no reason to fear!


Not Afraid of the Antichrist:
Why We Don't Believe in a Pre-Tribulation Rapture

Acclaimed scholars Dr. Michael Brown and Dr. Craig Keener present fascinating, accessible, and personal insights into what the Bible actually says about the rapture, the tribulation, and end time eschatology ---offering hope and comfort. 

What they find will leave you full of hope:

God's wrath is not poured out on His people, and He will shield us from it (as he shielded Israel in Egypt during the 10 plagues).

So instead of taking false comfort in what God has not promised, take comfort in the words of Jesus. He has overcome the world, and we live in his victory!

240 pages, softcover

PLUS Interview with co-author Dr. Craig Keener (Digital Download)


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