Only Genesis with John C. Rankin [MP3 Direct Download]

Only Genesis with John C. Rankin [MP3 Direct Download]


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Only Genesis: The Basis to Interpret the Bible and Life (Taught by John C. Rankin) 
[7 Hours of Teaching]

The foundations for life and living are found in the book of Genesis, including the power to give, the power to live in the light, the power of informed choice, the power to love hard questions, the power to love enemies and the power to forgive. This class will outline the ten positive assumptions of Genesis, which follow the biblical order of creation: God’s nature, communication, human nature, human freedom, hard questions, human sexuality, science and the scientific method, verifiable history, covenantal law and unalienable rights. Your perspectives will be dramatically changed by this course!

John C. Rankin is President of the Theological Education Institute (TEI) in Hartford, CT. He is a graduate of South Kent School, Denison University, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, Harvard Divinity School and is ordained through the Vineyard Christian Fellowship. John is founder and host of the Mars Hill Forum series, through which he has interacted with leading skeptics of his biblical worldview on university campuses and elsewhere. His goal is to provide freedom for the toughest questions of the Gospel to be posed in a hospitable and intellectually rigorous setting.

These live sessions were recorded back before recent advancements in audio technology.  Due to the invaluable and timeless nature of this series, we didn’t want to remove anything, but instead enhanced the quality as much as possible. Nevertheless, please be advised that this live audio remains on a different level and may require more careful listening at some points. Thank you.