Reclaiming Godly Sexuality with Joe Dallas [MP3 Direct Download]

Reclaiming Godly Sexuality with Joe Dallas [MP3 Direct Download]


Note: This product is not shipped, it is delivered via mp3 download. You will receive zip files containing all 6 sessions.

Reclaiming Godly Sexuality (Taught by Joe Dallas)

[6 Hours of Teaching]

This class focuses on sexuality as a discipleship issue which individuals are called to steward, and discusses the physical, spiritual and emotional ramifications of stepping outside of Created Intent regarding human sexuality. Emphasis will be placed on the practical actions needed when reclaiming godly sexuality, and on the most effective structure and approach to take.

Joe Dallas is a pastoral counselor, author and public speaker who directs a Biblical counseling ministry in Tustin, CA. Joe’s ministry in sexual addiction recovery and homosexuality is nationally recognized and he is the author of a number of important books including The Gay Gospel and Desires in Conflict.

These live sessions were recorded back before recent advancements in audio technology.  Due to the invaluable and timeless nature of this series, we didn’t want to remove anything, but instead enhanced the quality as much as possible. Nevertheless, please be advised that this live audio remains on a different level and may require more careful listening at some points. Thank you.