RESURRECTION: Investigating a Rabbi From Brooklyn, a Preacher From Galilee, and the Event That Changed the World

Uncover the Jewish roots of your faith and gain a fresh new perspective on the resurrection of Jesus.

In 1994, after one of the greatest rabbis of the 20th century died at the age of 92, his followers began to proclaim him as the Messiah.

They expected him to rise from the dead and even come again.

Is this possible?

Could a deceased rabbi be the Messiah?

In this fascinating book, biblical scholar Michael L. Brown, PhD, takes you on a captivating journey beginning in 1994 New York, where this famous rabbi died, back through Jewish history, looking at little-known Jewish beliefs about the Messiah, potential Messiahs that emerged in each generation, and teachings about the reincarnated soul of the Messiah.

Dr. Brown then looks at the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus from his unique perspective as a Messianic Jew, demonstrating why Jesus’ resurrection uniquely confirms that He alone is the promised Messiah.

This page-turner is for everyone who is interested in the Jewish roots of our faith, everyone fascinated by Jewish tradition, and everyone wanting to gain a fresh new perspective on the resurrection of Jesus the Messiah. It is also a great witnessing tool for Christians who want to share the good news of Yeshua the Messiah with their Jewish friends.

- Provides new understanding from a Messianic Jewish perspective of how Jesus’ resurrection validates His claim of being the true Messiah
- Serves as a tool to help Christians talk about Jesus with Jewish people
- Presents a fascinating perspective for Christians interested in the Jewish roots of their faith


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