Dr. Brown speaks on the topic of Revival


1) What is Revival?
2) Highlights of Past Revivals
3) Presupposes Declension
4) When it Can Be Expected
5) Preaching and Repentance
6) Religious Stumbling Blocks
7) Set Things Right
8) The Fire of God and Revival
9) Revival and Judgment
10) How Can I Bring About Revival?
11) Revival Shakes Things Up
12) Don't Quench The Spirit
13) The Place of Intercession
14) Prevailing Prayer
15) 5 Tests for Genuine Revival
16) The Heartbeat of Revival
      Experiencing Jesus

Please note: These tracks were originally recorded a number of years ago, back before key advancements in audio technology.  Due to the invaluable and timeless nature of this series, we have enhanced the quality as best as we can. However, please be advised that vintage audio remains on a different level than recordings of today, and may require more careful listening at some points. Thank you for your understanding.

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