Saving A Sick America (imperfect)

Saving A Sick America (imperfect)

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America is at a tipping point, and never has this been more apparent than right now. We are in danger of losing our spiritual and moral heritage, making many believe that we have fallen beyond the point of recovery. 

This book is here to say, that, yes, we have fallen. In fact, fallen much further than we realize, but that our country’s best days are ahead—with the help of a radical, moral, and cultural revolution, beginning with the church.

This book is a manual for the revolution.


  • How some pastors are contributing to America’s moral decline
  • What Christians can do in a society that views “not recycling” as more immoral than pornography
  • Which epidemic – obesity, smoking, drinking or poverty – has most doctors concerned
  • The unexpected ways our culture of entitlement and victim mentality is destroying our foundations
  • Why men in their twenties are among the top consumers of Viagra, and what it means for the future of America’s families

On all fronts, Americans are talking about the need for revolution, arguing from the left and the right that “the status quo must go!” This book comes at just the right time, as people are wondering what in the world has happened to our country—from the homes to the college campuses, from the inner cities to the White House, from our national debt to the material found on our computers and TV screens. In clear, compelling prose, Brown covers topics ranging from the sexualization of pop culture to the dumbing down of our schools to the undermining of family structures to a pervasive culture of entitlement, while pointing consistently to the Bible’s solution to these issues.

A radical call for reformation written with sobriety and hope, Saving a Sick America provides the inspiration and guidance necessary for a moral and cultural revolution.

Rather than throwing our hands up in despair, let us recognize that this is the perfect opportunity for the church of Jesus to rise up in the truth and power of the Spirit, bringing the message of life and transformation to our very sick country.

This is the church’s great opportunity!  

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