Principles of Holiness Class (Group Subscription)

Principles of Holiness Class (Group Subscription)


Purchase a group subscription for access to on demand video of Dr. Brown's Principles of Holiness Class from Fire School of Ministry. Please note, the fee is $25 per student/individual. [Specify the number of students in quantity, minimum of 2] (Click here to purchase an individual subscription instead: Individual Subscription)

In this life-changing, practical class, Dr. Brown explores: The Beauty of Holiness; Grace-Empowered Holiness; Living without Condemnation; The Perils of Legalism; Twenty Reasons Not to Sin; The Biblical Call to Holiness; God's Cure for Dirty Feet -- and much more. You will be encouraged, challenged, and edified by Dr. Brown's rich use of Scripture and you will gain a solid foundation for life through his clear explanations of widely misunderstood terms such as holiness, grace, and legalism.


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