Principles of Holiness Class (Individual Subscription)

Principles of Holiness Class (Individual Subscription)


Purchase an individual subscription for access to on demand video of Dr. Brown's Principles of Holiness Class from Fire School of Ministry.  If more than two people will be viewing the lectures, click here to purchase a group subscription instead: Group subscription)

In this life-changing, practical class, Dr. Brown explores: The Beauty of Holiness; Grace-Empowered Holiness; Living without Condemnation; The Perils of Legalism; Twenty Reasons Not to Sin; The Biblical Call to Holiness; God's Cure for Dirty Feet -- and much more. You will be encouraged, challenged, and edified by Dr. Brown's rich use of Scripture and you will gain a solid foundation for life through his clear explanations of widely misunderstood terms such as holiness, grace, and legalism.

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