School of Cultural Engagement SERIES - Full Course Set [MP3 6-Disc Set]

School of Cultural Engagement SERIES - Full Course Set [MP3 6-Disc Set]

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Dealing directly with the some of the most critical issues concerning the church and society today, this intensive, 6-week course features practical, effective ways to get equipped and engage:


The foundations for life and living are found in the book of Genesis, including the power to give, the power to live in the light, the power of informed choice, the power to love hard questions, the power to love enemies and the power to forgive.

This class will outline the 10 positive assumptions of Genesis, which follow the biblical order of creation: God’s nature, communication, human nature, human freedom, hard questions, human sexuality, science and the scientific method, verifiable history, covenantal law and unalienable rights.

Your perspectives will be dramatically changed by this course!


This class focuses on sexuality as a discipleship issue which individuals are called to steward, and will discuss the physical, spiritual and emotional ramifications of stepping outside of Created Intent regarding human sexuality.

Emphasis will be placed on the practical actions needed when reclaiming godly sexuality, and on the most effective structure and approach to take.


America is in a state of moral and spiritual chaos, but the root of the problem is found in the Church. We too are experiencing moral and spiritual chaos, and much of this goes back to a defective message that has sounded from our pulpits for more than two decades.

It is high time that we recover the gospel of the Scriptures – the confrontational gospel, the prophetic gospel, the repentance-based gospel, the gospel that transforms. We must recover the message of Jesus and the apostles, and abandon the compromised message that has produced a compromised generation of believers.

Only a return to the New Testament gospel, preached in the power of the Spirit, can turn the tide.



How do we respond to the attack of atheism? How do we merge sound science with sound theology?  How do we offer a biblical response to today’s pressing social issues when most of society has abandoned the authority of Scripture? 

Surveys indicate that 80% of Christian young people fall away from the Lord within their first year in secular colleges, while nationally, less than 20% of born-again Christians hold to foundational biblical truths. 

This essential course, taught by a leading apologist, will strengthen your faith, answer your questions, and equip you for effective witness.


The concept of “the separation of church and state” has been totally turned upside down in our day to the point that many Americans are calling for freedom from religion rather than freedom of religion – and our religious freedoms are under fire like never before.

Christian students on campuses have been told they cannot publicly share their faith; atheists are taking legal action against the National Day of Prayer; the courts have decided that homosexual rights trump religious rights.

This course will give you an understanding of the real meaning of the separation of church and state, providing you with an important update of what is happening in the courts today and helping you to understand your legal rights as a believer.


How does the gospel intersect with culture? What is the church’s role in society? How can we take the gospel into the streets and into our communities? How can we influence Congress and the media? 

Pat Mahoney, who has been on the front lines of cultural engagement for more than twenty-five years, will provoke you to godly action and inspire you to rise up and change your world in the life and power of the Spirit. 



Only Genesis
with John Rankin

Reclaiming Godly Sexuality
with Joe Dallas

It's Time to Rock the Boat
with Michael L. Brown

Cultural Apologetics
with Frank Turek

Engaging Culture, Congress, and Media
with Pat Mahoney

Separation of Church and State
with Joseph Infranco



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